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for Drilling Projects based in Middle-East, Africa, Asia, and South America.

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Top Quality Drilling Rig Package with IADC passed certifications can be found through is oil drilling rig locator and drilling rig broker firm specialized in the Oil & Gas drilling, petrochemical, and marine industry with offices in Middle-East and Canada.

We supply used oil drilling rig package, new land drilling rigs, mobile drilling rigs, offshore jack-up drilling rigs and offshore support barges directly to your projects around the world., we sell Oil Drilling rigs, Finance Drilling Projects, and charter oil drilling equipments around the world.

Used drilling rig for sale or lease contract, drilling rig package from 750hp, 1000hp, 1500hp, 2000hp, 3000hp for sale. Midwest oil gas drilling is rig locator broker serving international drilling contractors.

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Oil and Gas Tenders :
  • 2000 HP Drilling Rig, National 1320UE Rated at 2000 HP
  • New National 1320 Oil Drilling Rig Package with Tesco Top Drive
  • 2000Hp OilWell E 2000, Rated at 2000HP Land Drilling Rig with drill pipes
  • Refurbished Continental Emsco 2000HP Land Drilling Rig
  • 3000HP Oilwell E-3000 Drilling Rig Package with Drill Pipes and 500Hp Top drive
  • 1500Hp National 110UE. rated at 1500 HP, Refurbished Unit
  • 1500HP Oilwell E-1500 HP Oil Rig with Pipes and Camp
  • 1000HP National Oil Drilling Rig with SCR and Mud Pumps and Top Drive

Oil Well Service Rigs

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