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Jackup drilling rig fleet. list of offshore Jackup oil drilling rigs for sale or charter contracts

Time to Build

midwest offshore drilling rig

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Time to Build

midwest offshore jackup rig

Location: Persian Gulf
Built 1978
Availability: March - 2013

300ft Jackup Rig LeTourneau JU-300 for Sale

300ft Jackup Rig LeTourneau JU-300 for Sale for drilling operation in Arabian Gulf with oilfield supply parts

Jackup Rig - Le Tourneau JU-300 IS
300ft Jack Up Rig For Sale.
Used unit , 1978 built Jackup Rig available for inspection

General Information : Details

Location: South Asia
Built 2006 Singapore
Availability: March . 2013


Self-elevating 400ft offshore Jackup drilling rig for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation and development operation.

Max operatinal water depth 122m (400 ft), with drilling capacity of 9000m (30000 ft).

General Information : Details

Location: West Africa
Built 2002 USA
Availability: April 15 - 2013

350FT JackUp Rig Offshore Platform

Jackup Rig 350ft Water Depth Independent Legs, Hydraulic Jacking System, JackUp Rig Offshore Platform Used Excellent Working Ready For Deployment anywhere in the world for long term contracts preferred.

General Information : Details

Location: Middle-East
Built 1976 USA
Availability: Nov- 20- 2012 / Contracted
Next Contract: May - 2013

Charter Contract 300ft Offshore Jack-up Rig

300 feet offshore jack-up rig with 30,000 ft drilling capacity for deepwater drilling operation in Persian Gulf, and projects in Africa.

Jackup Rig built 1976 in USA, with Oilwell Drawworks and Oilwell Mud pumps

General Information : Details

Location: Middle-East
Built 1994 Singapore
Availability : Nov 2012 / Contracted
Next Contract: Feb 2013

300ft Offshore Jack-up Rig

300feet Offshore jackup drilling rig for oil and natural gas drilling, exploitation and development operation with 300ft water depth and drilling capacity of 9000m (30000 ft).

General Information : Details

Location: Indian Ocean
Built: 2007 Singapore
Availability : April 2013
Extended Contract to May / 2013

Baker Marine 375 feet water depth deepwater jackup rig

Baker Marine 375 feet water depth deepwater jackup rig with improved safety and operational efficiencies and equipment benefits for offshore drilling contracts

General Information : Details

Location: South Asia
Built 2001 Singapore
Availability Feb. 2013

Offshore Jackup Rig 350ft Water Depth Drilling

USA Offshore Jackup Drilling Rig Built 1988 for operation in USA Gulf Coast drilling projects. Moved to Asia in 2004, and currently operating in 350 ft water depth.

Unit is available for sale or charter contract with full drilling crew.
Availability Feb. 2013 South Asia.

General Information : Details

Location: Brazil
Built 2008 USA
Availability: Extended Contracted
to May - 2013

350ft Offshore Jackup Rig for Offshore Charter Contract

350 ft water depth Jackup drilling Rig with 35000ft drilling depth and national Oilwell drawworks and 120 quarters accommodation capacity currently working in Brazil Offshore.

General Information : Details

Location: Gulf of mexico / USA
Built : 1983
Availability: Available for Sale

Refurbished 300ft Offshore Jack-up Rig for sale

300ft jackup rig built 1983 with 20000 drilling depth and Mid-Continent drawworks comes with refurbished Varco top-drive and refurbished Gardner-Denver Mud-pumps

General Information : Details

Location: South Asia
Built : 2008
Dec 5th -2012 (For Charter Contract) Contracted
Next Contract: March 15-2012

350ft LeTourneau Super 116-C Jack-up Rig Platform

Modern LeTourneau Super 116-C Jackup drilling rig, rated at 350 feet water depth, and 15000 psi dual BOP oil jack-up rig

General Information : Details

Location: North / East Africa
Built : 1985
Availability: for contract - Oct 2012
Under Service and upgrade.
Estimated delivery time: Feb 1st 2013

Used 300ft Jackup Rig for Deep-water Drilling

Deep-water 300ft offshore jackup drilling unit for drilling contracts, currently operating in North-East Africa suitable for upcoming offshore contract around Africa and Middle-East .

General Information : Details

Location: Offshore Mexico
Built : 1976
Availability: for contract - Jan 2013
Next Contract: Mid March - 2013

Serviced 300 ft Jackup platform Rig in Mexico

Upgraded 300 ft offshore jackup drilling platform for offshore contract with 3000hp drawworks and 25000ft drilling capacity and almost 80 units accommodation beds for full offshore drilling operations worldwide.

General Information : Details

Built: 1978
Location: Offshore Malaysia
Availability: April. 2013

Malaysia 350 Feet Water Depth Letourneau Jack-up Drilling Unit

Advanced Letourneau Jack-up Drilling platform working offshore Malaysia at 350ft water depth with 25000 offshore drilling capacity on National 1625-UE drawworks.

General Information : Details

Jackup Drilling Rig

The offshore oil and gas drilling industry is a multi-billion dollar per year enterprise. largest offshore drilling companies / Contractors, like Transocean Offshore Drilling , Diamond Offshore Drilling, Ensco Offshore Drilling and Noble Offsfore Drilling represent a significant percentage of the operating rigs currently working on offshore oil and gas drilling projects in US or worldwide

Offshore Drilling Service Industry

The offshore drilling industry is a multi-billion dollar per year enterprise. While leading players like Transocean (NYSE:RIG), Diamond Offshore (NYSE:DO), Ensco (NYSE:ESV) and Noble (NYSE:NE) represent a significant percentage of the operating rigs, there are other players throughout the world and the market capitalization of the publicly-traded companies in the sector exceeds $50 billion.

Offshore Day Rates:

Offshore drilling revenue is a function of day rates and utilization rate, with day rates representing the price and utilization representing volume. A Offshore Day Rates is the amount of money that a company receives for a day's drilling activity. Like any price, Offshore Day Rates is a function of both demand for a service and the cost of providing it - rates typically move up quickly when demand spikes, and specialty equipment (used in difficult or harsh conditions) always carries a premium.

Largest Offshore Drilling Comapnies

Drilling contractors are the people who provide the equipment, people and expertise to drill the wells, which can be either offshore or onshore. Most of the companies listed below are offshore drilling contractors, as that is what this site is about. There are some onshore companies included.

Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Limited, Chennai, India
An Indo US joint venture providing offshore exploration and production services. Employs 5,000 plus.
Work Area: Southern Asia

Apache Corporation, Houston, TX, USA
Leading independent oil and gas exploration and development company.
Work Area: United States, Canada, Egypt, Western Australia, Argentina, Poland and China

Atwood Oceanics, Houston, TX, USA
Engaged in the business of international offshore drilling and completion of exploratory and developmental oil and gas wells as well as related support, management, and consulting services.
Work Area: Australia, Asia, the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Middle East

Bourbon Offshore, World wide Locations
With a modern fleet of 388 offshore vessels and 111 units on order as of June 30, 2010, the BOURBON Offshore Division, backed by 7,200 qualified employees (office workers, officers and seamen), offers a comprehensive range of highly productive innovative offshore oil services vessels.

BP is one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items .

CNOOC, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Beijing, China
Organizes for the exploration, development and production of offshore petroleum and natural gas resources and refining of petro-chemical and and natural gas processing. 21,000 plus employees.
Work Area: The Far East, Australia, Asia and West Africa

Oil and Gas Drilling News By Rigsworld

Crosco Integrated, Zagreb, Croatia
A drilling and well service company operating a jack up and semi submersible in the Mediterranean.

Deep Marine Technology, Houston, TX, USA
Deepwater projects, Platform inspection and repair, Drilling and construction.

Diamond Offshore Drilling Ltd, Houston, TX, USA
Operates in six of the world's seven continents with a fleet of 30 semi submersibles, 14 jack-ups and one dynamically positioned drillship. Diamond employs 3,500 plus men and women worldwide with offices in Houston, Louisiana, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Scotland, Singapore and the Netherlands.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, Latin America, Australia and Asia

Fred. Olsen Energy ASA
Provides exploration and production services to the offshore oil and gas industry building on 150 years experience in shipping and more than 35 years in offshore drilling. The Company focuses on rewarding long term customer relationships where innovative and integrated solutions are presented to the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.
Work Area: The North Sea, the Mediterranean and Latin America

ENSCO, Dallas, TX, USA
One of the leading offshore oil and gas drilling contractors in the world with a fleet of 56 offshore drilling rigs and 27 oilfield support vessels.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Asia, Latin America, the North Sea, the Middle East and West Africa

Far East Marine Company, Sakhalin Region, Russia
A regular participant of all oil and gas development projects in offshore Sakhalin. We plan extending the sphere of our traditional fleet activities as well as mastering new opportunities. One rig working in the Far East, three in the Persian Gulf.

Frontier Drilling A/S, Bergen, Norway
Crews and international personnel are mainly hired through a subsidiary in Cyprus.
Work Area: Southern Asia and Australia

Helmerich and Payne, Inc, Metairie, LA, USA
Owns and operates12 platform rigs and manages 4 offshore management contracts in the Gulf of Mexico and the West Coast Santa Barbara Channel. H&P's diverse offshore fleet consists of deepwater tension leg platform (TLP) rigs, self moving rigs and traditional self contained platform rigs.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, West Coast California

Jindal Drilling Industries, Ltd., New Delhi, India
Drilling and prospecting for oil and gas onshore and offshore.
Work Area: India and surrounding areas

Japan Drilling Company, Tokyo, Japan
Operates in Indonesia, Asia and Oceania, the Middle East and West Africa as an offshore drilling contractor. JDC has also been providing engineering services related to research and development in oil and gas drilling and exploration as well as methane hydrate development, and in recent years has offered technical assistance for deep-sea drilling projects.

KCA DEUTAG, Aberdeen, Scotland
The UK's largest drilling contractor employing some 3,500 staff worldwide. In addition to its substantial North Sea platform drilling operations, KCA DEUTAG has undertaken international projects in some of the most demanding environments of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and this has proved extremely beneficial in some of its new operating areas such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Siberia and Sakhalin Island.

Maersk Contractors, Copenhagen, Denmark
Drilling and floating production are our main services, but we are also experienced within protection against H2S and environmental services. Maersk Contractors employs an international staff of more than 5,000 well-trained people together with our affiliate, Egyptian Drilling Company.
Work Area: North Sea, the Far East, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe

Mannai Offshore, Doha, Qatar
Operates a fleet of vessels, jack-up accommodation rigs and early production facilities that provide a wide range of specialized services to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Work Area: Offshore Qatar and surrounding areas

Nabors Industries, Houston, TX, USA
The largest land drilling contractor in the world. One of the largest well-servicing and workover contractors in the United States. A leading provider of offshore platform workover and drilling rigs. A provider of ancillary well site services such as oilfield management, engineering, transportation, construction, maintenance and well logging.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, Latin America and the Middle East

Neptune Exploration Industries, Ltd., New Delhi, India
Drilling, exploration, exploitation, extraction, production of oil, gas and petroleum products offshore and/or onshore.
Work Area: India and surrounding areas

Neptune Marine Oil & Gas,, Nicosia, Cyprus
Neptune Marine's business strategy is to acquire, reactivate and operate second-hand drilling units. Primary market focus on drilling operations in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Middle East, India and South East Asia.

Noble Drilling Corporation, Lafayette, LA, USA
Noble Offshore Drilling
A leading provider of diversified services for the oil and gas industry including contract drilling services performed with the company's fleet of 53 offshore drilling units located in key markets worldwide. Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, the Far East, West Africa, the North Sea, Latin America, the Middle East, Southern Asia and Australia

Odfjell Drilling, Bergen, Norway
Owns and operates semi-submersible drilling rigs in the North Sea and is also a leading platform drilling contractor with operations on fixed and floating production platforms.

ONCG, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Dehradun, India
Work Area: Southern Asia

Parker Drilling Company, Houston, TX, USA
A global drilling company providing drilling rigs, labor management and rental tools to the energy industry. Parker's primary business segment is drilling rigs with 33 in the United States Gulf of Mexico and 46 internationally. The company’s international rig fleet consists of barge rigs in the Caspian Sea and Nigeria and land rigs in 12 countries.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Europe and West Africa

Pride Offshore
Pride International (NYSE: PDE) was a world leader in both land and offshore contract drilling services for the oil and gas industry.
Pride International was an offshore drilling company headquartered in Houston. Effective 31 May 2011, Pride International, Inc. was acquired by Ensco plc.

Prosafe ASA, Tananger, Norway
World's leading owner and operator of semi-submersible service rigs, the largest platform drilling contractor in Norway and a major owner and operator of floating production- and storage vessels outside the North Sea.

Paterson UTI, INC., Houston, TX, USA
The second-largest provider of onshore contract drilling services to exploration and production companies in North America. The company owns 324 land-based drilling rigs and is also engaged in drilling and completion fluid services and pressure pumping services.
Work Area: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah and western Canada

Petrolia Drilling ASA, Oslo
Owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling. It intends to continue to expand its current rig fleet through a strategy of acquiring, refurbishing and selectively deploying offshore drilling rigs and drillships on fixed-rate, long-term contracts.

Precision Drilling, Alberta, Canada
Maintains a fleet of 240 plus land rigs working in Canada and other countries, making the company one of the largest land drilling contractors in the world. Operations include drilling, catering, well servicing and oilfield rentals.
Work Area: Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, the Middle East, China, India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan

Petrobaltic, Gdansk, Poland
The only firm in Poland that performs exploration and extraction of oil and gas from the offshore deposits. Work Area: Eastern Europe

Petrobras, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Brazil's leader in the distribution of oil products and is now internationally acknowledged as one of the largest twenty major oil companies in the world today, leading the sector in the implementation of the most advanced deep-water technology for oil production. Work Area: Latin America

Pride International, Houston, TX, USA
One of the world's largest drilling contractors providing offshore and onshore drilling, workover and related services in more than 30 countries. Fleet of 328 rigs includes 2 ultra deep water drillships, 12 semi submersibles, 35 jackups, 5 tender assisted rigs, 3 barge rigs, 21 offshore platform rigs and 250 land based drilling and workover rigs.
Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, the Mediterranean, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia / Effective 31 May 2011, Pride International, Inc. was acquired by Ensco plc.

Prosafe SE, Stavanger, Norway
Prosafe is the world´s leading owner and operator of semi-submersible service rigs and a major owner and operator of floating production and storage vessels.

Rowan Companies, Houston, TX, USA
A provider of international and domestic contract drilling and aviation services. Rowan has a marine division which has designed or built over one third of all mobile offshore jack up drilling rigs, including 22 operated by the company. Work Area: Gulf of Mexico, East Coast of Canada

Saipem, Italy
Operating the most technologically advanced equipment and vessels on the market, Saipem drills wells, installs offshore platforms and production systems, and lays onshore and subsea pipelines in some of the world's deepest waters and most hostile climatic conditions, while adhering to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

Seadrill is a Norwegian-Bermudan offshore drilling company with operations in Angola, Brunei, the Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Thailand and the United Kingdom. The company operates Semi-submersibles, Jack ups, Tender rigs, Semi-Tenders and Drillships. The company is domiciled in Bermuda and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Operational headquarter is situated in Stavanger, Norway. Other major company locations are found in Singapore, Houston and Aberdeen. John Fredriksen has a major ownership in the company.

Songa Offshore, Olso, Norway
Operates 4 semis and one drill ship

Stena Drilling, Gothenburg, Sweden
Operates 5 semi submersibles in the North Sea, the Far East, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, Australia and West Africa.
Work Area: The North Sea, Australia, Asia and Latin America

Tesco Corporation, Houston, TX, USA
Tesco Corporation is an Industry leader in the development and commercialization of drilling technology and services. The Corporation’s mission is to change the way wells are drilled; by reducing drilling risk and increasing operational efficiency TESCO generates real value for its customers.

Transocean Offshore Drilling Company, Houston, TX, USA
The world's largest drilling company, operating in the United Kingdom, Norway, the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, India, the Caspian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Canada, West Africa, Latin America and the North Sea

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Jackup Drilling Rig

Description: Jackup drilling rig fleet. list of offshore Jackup oil drilling rigs for sale or charter contracts

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